Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Glory Hounds @ Hoopla's - Northampton Blvd., Va. Beach, VA (12/7/02)

Figuring my bud Mike Keels hadn't seen a live rock 'n' roll show in quite some time, I decided to C-A-L-L A-T-T the man. Though he ain't the easiest person in the world to reach normally, Mike answered el telefono with a mouthful of Chicago deep-dish from the 'Hut. To be frank, Keels wasn't too jazzed about venturing out on this cooler-than-a-Paul Davis-song night. He'd felt more right keeping his breadsticks warm by the firelight, until I mentioned something about a Pagans cee dee (I'd burned him a copy of Everybody Hates You) and pool tables. At that point, Mike was ready for a $6.25 (the price of five games of 8-ball...damn the introduction of that fifth quarter-slot) love affair on the street where nobody lives. Once inside Hoopla's, he ordered the first of several Bass ales (not as robust as the ones he'd polished off during his stay in England, Mike would later comment). As for me, Pabst Blue Ribbon was nice at a $1.00 price...even nicer, considering Keels picked up my tab. Muchas gracias, Miguel! In between shooting stick, we noticed the fliers for upcoming performers. Molly Hatchet (all original members axed long ago) was a $20 ticket, Blue Oyster Cult (don't know what's left in their shell) wanted forty smackers, and Edgar Winter (friend of George Hamilton's) gave free rides upon payment of the service charge. Keels, a huge street-punk/Oi! fan, was shocked to learn that Splodgenessabounds ("Two pints of lager and a packet of BLOODY CRISPS," for those in the know) had been scheduled to play here back in September. Too bad for the cancellation, because "Wiffy Woman" (set to the tune of that Orbison classic) would've induced laughing and/or fighting. On this Saturday night, the best friends were found at the bottom of the glass.

The Glory Hounds gave us no aggravation, getting their action in on many cuts from the pop-rock gem Sex-A-GoGo. "Sorry" didn't need to say as much for its Cheap Tricks not taken for granted. "Porn Star" had boob-job lyrics ("She isn't easy/But she makes me hard") lifted from similar XXX-screen sirens Lit (whose Atomic el pee has also "got it and that's a fact"). "Baby Please" begged sweetly with T-Rexesque bended knee. "Spinnin' Round" was a Zander-ful waste of time and loss of mind at 33 RPM. Among the newer tracks, "One Night Stand" and "Come On" were most Marvelous (3) crankin' from the (American) Hi-Fi. Adding wacky throw pillows to the velour sofa, the 'Hounds furnished their upholstery with tips from noted decorators Generation X ("Dancing With Myself"), The Cars ("Just What I Needed"), David Bowie ("Rebel Rebel"), Buddy Holly ("Oh Boy"), The Sweet ("Ballroom Blitz"), and Bryan Adams ("Summer Of '69").

At the triple-set's conclusion, Mike asked Brian (singer/guitarist) about equipment and I wondered if he thought "Your Love" by The Outfield was a great pop song. Answers: 1)Six-string that I bought at the five-and-dime and 2)Yes, but I can't sing it with such a high-pitched vocal.

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